Understand Advent Devotionals 

Advent is a popular season of the Church Year, among Catholics and Orthodox, but there are who still do not understand what it is all about. They have heard the term advent devotionals, perhaps have heard of a few of the customs, most of it still remains a mystery. What colors are used in the church during seasons like christmass? What in general is the meaning of the term, 'advent'?

Some of these questions are excellent. Understanding the church is an important aspect of Christian dogma. Although a lot of Christians do not avail themselves of this amazing spiritual tool to deepen their prayer life. Further even those that aren't Christian may benefit when they discover this season of contemplation and simplicity.The word 'Advent' is latin and means 'arrival', essentially it is all about Jesus Christ's arrival. Learn more about Water From Rock lent devotional

Not many people who know that it is only in the Orthodox and Catholic churches where Christmas begins on the very Christmas day and goes on for a short period of time. In America is one such place that starts celebrating Christmas as early as October. This is the reason why a lot of people today do not still understand 'Advent'. This is because to a lot of people Christmas starts in the Advent season. However in real sense, the advent season is not only a Christmas season rather it is a Christian season.

When a person is doing the Advent devotionals they are in a waiting period, the waiting of the coming of Jesus Christ. During these devotionals, it is worth noting that most people spend their life only waiting for Jesus' birth and death, resurrection. This is the main reason why advent is only directed to Christmas. As Christians wait for God's son to be born along with the common people, the priests and prophets. Despite the fact that the advent season is the not the Christmas season however the idea is to wait symbolically for Christmas. Access more at waterfromrock.org. 

Advent is also about waiting for the second coming of Christ. This is also a major theme of the season. No wonder the teachings in the Bible during Advent connect with the second coming of Jesus. In essence, we wait symbolically with those that lived before Jesus, as we also wait for his second coming. Thus, Advent has two major themes linked together.

Advent is like Lent, in that it is a season of severity, a laid back season in the Church year. While not a true fast in the official Catholic sense, it is a bare season, a less festive and more sober time period before the celebratory and joyful Christmas fasting, as opposed to the celebrating associated with Christmas. The section for "Gloria" is not used commonly used during Advent season, and there is anemphasis on repentance, as was shown the during the prominence of John the Baptist in the Advent season. St. John is a symbol of Advent because not only was he the final prophet right before the coming of Jesus, he also called individuals to repentance in preparation for Christ's message.See more at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Advent.